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Liquid Port Terminal

Paraguay Liquid Port Terminal

We own and operate an up-river port terminal with tank storage for refined petroleum products, oil and gas in San Antonio, Paraguay, located approximately 17 miles by river from the capital of Asunción. We believe our port terminal is one of the largest independent storage facilities for crude and petroleum products in Paraguay based on storage capacity, with a current static storage capacity of 65,660 cubic meters. The port facility serves local and international operators from Paraguay and Bolivia supplying products that support the growing regional demand for energy. Because Paraguay is not an oil-producing country, its needs for both crude and refined petroleum products are served entirely by imports. The main sources of supply are from Argentina and, to a much lesser extent, Bolivia. The strategic location of the terminal at the center of the Hidrovia Waterway has comparative advantages for the provision of services to both southern and northern regions.

The port terminal was built to carry out terminal operations efficiently, including the loading and unloading of ships and trucks with fuels, storage tanks and subsequent clearance for vessels and trucks. The business is carried out through the purchase and sale of refined petroleum products and the storage, handling or transportation services that relate to liquid and gas products. We own tanks approved by the Paraguayan National Customs Office, which gives us a competitive advantage over other suppliers dedicated to the field.

Port Operation: The port provides short and long-term storage services for liquid cargo, as well as the sale of liquid products.

Port Infrastructure: Currently, the port has 11 major and two auxiliary tanks in operation with a static storage capacity of 65,660 cubic meters. The plates are carbon steel, as specified by the American Standard for Testing Materials, and the construction was performed according to the standards of the American Petroleum Institute. We have available space to increase capacity to 90,000 or 100,000 cubic meters of storage at the terminal to meet our customers’ future demand.

The pier is a structure of reinforced concrete built on stilts, beams and slabs. It is 45 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, and includes two platforms, each with 148 square meters of surface area. One of the platforms, used for operation during periods of high river level, has a height of 9.05 meters. The second platform is used during periods of lower river level and has a height of 5.0 meters.

The port has an area for truck operations with a reinforced concrete floor and metal roof mounted on trusses and steel columns profiles. There are three platforms, one for liquid fuels, another for LPG and a platform to discharge trucks with alcohol and other refined petroleum products.